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Headlight Restoration Columbus Ohio

Ever noticed your headlights don't work as well as they should? It is probably because your headlights need to be restored. This won't only increase headlight efficiency, but will completely change the look of your vehicle.

Headlight restoration
headlight restore

Do your headlights look hazy, foggy or yellow? This is caused by oxidation and UV damage. All headlights deteriorate over time if not maintained. In addition to decreased visual appeal, damaged headlights also affect driving at night. Having dull headlights is a safety concern for everyone on the road.

Most people think they will just buy a new headlight until they look at the price. They cost a lot! 90% of damaged headlights can be restored and look new for a fraction of the price of buying a new one. There are a few things we cannot do to help. Many people think the damage is on the inside of the headlight. It is not. If there is moisture in the headlight, this means there is an opening in the seal and we won't be able to fix that. We would be able to remove the yellowness but the moisture will come back until the leak is fixed. This service is a great option for those trying to sell their vehicle as it is not too expensive and makes such a big difference.

Headlight Restoration Process


Wet sand the headlight with 1000 grit up to 3000 (possibly start with a lower grit depending on if it needs it)


Buff the headlight with a compound and cutting disc to reduce sanding marks more


Polish the headlights with a polishing combo to produce maximum clarity


Protect your headlights with a UV protection coating


Added on with another detail


Stand-alone service


Headlight Restoration FAQ

Do you come to me?

Yes, we will come to any location you are at to perform a headlight restoration. We offer this as a stand-alone service but it will cost a lot more because it costs us a decent amount to come out and we cannot only come out for $50. Pair it with one of our other services like a Deep Interior Detail or a Wash and Wax and it saves you a lot of money on the restoration.

How long does this service take?

It can depend if the headlight is massive but typically takes 45 to 90 minutes to complete. If the condition is really bad, it will take longer because it will require more steps.

Why are my lenses yellow?

Headlights just like paint come with a clear coat on them. They bake in the sun all their life and eventually start to deteriorate. What once was clear coat is now a layer of yellow gunk.

What can I do to keep my headlights looking good?

It will require maintenance. These coatings don't last forever. Try to park in the shade and apply waxes or sealants every few months.

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