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Paint Correction Columbus Ohio

Bring the paint on your car back to a like-new look. The one-step paint correction service is a more affordable paint correction that will remove most defects in the paint.

paint correction columbus ohio
columbus ohio paint correction

Remove Paint Imperfections and Reveal The Gloss

Have you ever looked at your paint in the direct sunlight and seen millions of minor little scratches? These are called micro-scratches and that's what hinders your car from shining.


How did they get there in the first place? The biggest culprit is usually improper washing and drying technique. Automatic car washes, using low-quality towels, or wash mitts can all lead to abrading your paint and installing imperfections.

Our one-step paint correction service is designed to remove 60-80% of imperfections that aren't past the clear coat and into the paint. This is a great service for vehicles that want to restore their shine without going all-in on a full paint correction.

Unlike our Wash and Wax service that can be done in a few hours, paint enhancement requires a lot more time and energy to achieve the results we are looking for. This is why we require the customer's garage or for the customer to drop off the vehicle to us because it needs to be done in a clean area and out of the elements.

Our Paint Correction Process


Clean wheels, tires, and fenders vigorously with a variety of brushes to reach all areas.


Wipe down the vehicle with a polish remover to inspect the paint in its raw form.


Thorough hand wash of the vehicle including cleaning the door jambs, gas cap, and removing bugs off the front end.


Apply protection to the paint for added shine and protection. (sealant or ceramic coating)


Chemically remove iron particles from the paint to prevent corrosive compounds that deteriorate your paint.


Dress tires to make them shine.


Clay bar paint to remove stuck on dirt and debris. ( this will make your paint feel really smooth)


Clean exterior glass to give you crystal clear vision.


Tape off sensitive sections like plastic trim to decrease the chance of polish buildup or staining.


Touch up any detailed areas like the emblems, exhaust, grille, etc...


The polish phase: Increase shine and clarity by polishing and removing the minor to medium imperfections in the paint.

Based on size and condition, and type of paint, the time it takes can greatly differ. Two cars can get the same service but one takes 6 hours while the other takes 9 hours.

If you would also like an interior detail check out our basic interior detail and deep interior detail.

Our Pricing

Price will vary based on the size and condition of vehicle.



$550 - $650


(Toyota Camry/Range Rover)

$650 - $750


(Large SUV/Truck)

$750 - $850

How Polishing Paint Works
paint defect types.jpg

The reason you can see a scratch in the paint is because the clear coat is not flat and the light reflects and bounces off the sides of the scratch showing you the defect.

A good rule of thumb most detailers go by is if your fingernail gets caught in the scratch it is too deep to completely remove, but can still be improved.

For the remaining minor scratches on the car, the polisher agitates and essentially melts down the clear coat to even it out giving that shine we all want.

Paint Polishing FAQs

Do you offer ceramic coating?

We sure do! We offer a few options for an additional price. You can also stay with a more traditional wax or sealant we offer, but it won't protect for long at all and will need to be re-applied if you want to keep your car looking clean.

How long will the results last?

It all depends. after a service like this, it comes down to how the customer decides to maintain the vehicle. Taking your car through automatic car washes or improperly cleaning it yourself will lessen the time it lasts.

We do offer maintenance washes and take careful precautions to preserve your freshly corrected paint and keep your car looking clean.

What is the difference between a one-step and a two-step correction?

A one-step paint correction is meant to take out 60-80% of the defects. For most vehicles, this will suffice and save you the money for the last 20% you probably won't even notice.

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