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Dont Wash Your Car With Dish Soap

Are you using dish soap as a car soap and wondering if it is getting the job done or not? Or wondering is this methos is safe for your car's paint.

Contrary to belief, dish soap can be used for your car's paint.

In this article, i'll cover what you need to know about using dish soap on your car.

Yes, Dish Soap Can Be Used

Let's keep it simple and say, yes, you can use it on your paint. It actually has very strong cleaning agents that will cut through must of the gunk on your vehicle.

However, maybe a little too much. This stuff will eat straight through most protective layers you'll have on your paint.

So, if you get the wax option at the drive through car wash or even apply one yourself. The dish soap will remove those coatings and leave your paint bare with no protection. We don't want that.

What To Use Instead

I know its tempting to use the dish soap because of how convenient it is. It foams nicely and removes all the gunk from your vehicle. It also removes the waxes protecting your paint form the elements etc.

The next best thing to do is buy car wash soap that is WAX friendly. You might have to read the label and make sure, but most are safe these days.

There are two types of washing on the market. Those are:

  1. Rinseless

  2. waterless washing

A rinseless wash is great for those that either dont have a ton of water or dont want to use a lot of water. If you use a soap that creates a lot of bubbles, you'll have to rinse off your car to take off all the excessive suds on the paint.

Waterless is a little different. It wont have the same suds, so you don't have to rinse your car off after washing. You can go straight to drying your vehicle.

A waterless wash is a wash solution that uses no water (hence the name). Instead of you using a wash bucket and a wash mitt, you'll use 5 to 10 towels plus a sprayer to mist the solution onto the paint and wipe off with towels.


Just remember, dish soap is a viable option when washing your car. Just make sure to apply a wax or sealant onto the paint after the wash. I would recommend other soaps that are safer and more effective.

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