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Should I get a paint correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing swirls and minor scratches from the clearcoat on top of the paint.

The way this works is, the reason you can see swirls in the clearcoat is because light is hitting on an uneven surface showing the imperfection as a swirl. A paint correction just levels out the clearcoat thus, making the paint pop.

A good rule of thumb detailers go by is if your finger nail gets caught in the scratch then it is too deep to fully remove. We can most likley make it look better by leveling out the clearcoat, but wont be able to remove it completely.

Paint correction is more of personal preference or luxury you could say. It's definitely not needed for any car. A simple wash and wax will do just as much for protection it just won't look as good.

If you cant maintain it, dont do it

Paint correction is arguably the highest ticket item for most detailers. It's a very tiresome process. Dozens of hours can be put into your car depending on how far you'd like to take it.

I'd say you're looking at spending $600+ for a quality paint correction.

After you go through with service your car will look the best it ever has, but that comes with more responsibility. Maintaining the paint correction is the hardest thing for customers. If you aren't taking every precaution while washing your car those swirls are just going to come back.

We always recommend setting up maintenence washes with your detailer to make the most of the paint correction. If you dont want to do that atleast ask your detailer how you should wash your car so it lasts as long as possible.

Any contact wash has to be foamed prior and rinsed off to remove any dirt and debris before ever touching the car. Then, a two bucket wash method will have to be used to ensure the least amount of dirt possible will make contact with the car.

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